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Member Testimonials


WAG has been some of the best-spent money I have parted with.  A drop in the ocean considering the value of your asset, let alone the cost of going to a solicitor! I am not easily impressed, but I am impressed with WAG, especially its leadership.  I found them to be a committed ethical knowledgeable group, who has achieved huge outcomes for many (and for many who have not contributed) from their dogged determination for justice. They have fought hard on numerous issues including rent reductions, a new RMS lease and speeding up and simplifying the roll-out of those leases, stopping a raised above-the-water walkway from affecting waterfront properties, sale of reclaimed land, making it easier for the repair and replacement of waterfront structures, intervening when bureaucrats abuse their authority, liaising with Ministers, and generally keeping a watchful eye on the agencies involved. A well-run action group is very powerful, whereas individuals have little power to achieve change.  I would hate to think what would have happened to many lessees if WAG was not formed.Some people seem to think that because WAG has achieved such great outcomes that WAG can now be disbanded, whereas I am convinced we still need WAG to be continually vigilant in protecting our waterfront interests against unreasonable/improper attack from government bureaucrats.

Victoria Adams

73 Seaforth Cr Seaforth