TfNSW Licence Agreement


WAG Comments on RMS Deed of Agreement Jan 2019

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2016 RMS Licence Agreement not acceptable

Dear Member,

WAG has been negotiating a new Licence Agreement with RMS for much of 2015 and those negotiations have recently concluded, with RMS refusing to make many reasonable amendments, as requested by WAG. Most of those requested amendments were previously incorporated into the current Lease Agreement, which WAG negotiated with RMS in 2012.

RMS has advised WAG that it will commence offering the new Licence Agreement in early 2016, as an alternative to the Lease Agreement and WAG strongly advises its members not to enter into this most unattractive agreement, without first obtaining legal advice.

More detail is attached.

Best wishes.

George Citer

For the WAG Team  

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Licence agreement -discussion draft

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WAG concerns with domestic waterfront licence

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